About Our Buyback Service

Have barcode equipment to sell or dispose of? Send us your inventory list for bid. Whether you have a handful of items to sell or multiple pallets. The buyback and trade-in program provides competitive bids to purchase all quantities and conditions of used / surplus / end-of-life equipment at fair-market value.














Buyback Models include but not limted to : MC9090, WT4090, RS409, VC5090, MC9190,  MC9094, MC9097, MC9090-G, MC9090G, MC9090S, MC9090-S, MC9090K, MC9090-K, MC9190G, MC9190-G, MC9190, MC9060, MC9060G, MC9060-G, MC9060S, MC9060-S, MC9060-K, MC9060K, MC75, MC75A, MC7596, MC7598, MC75A8, MC75A0, MC55, MC55A, MC5574, MC5590, MC65, MC3190, MC3090, WT4090, RS409, LS3408, LS3408ER, LS3408-ER , MC70, MC7090, MC7095, MC7094, MC7004, Motorola Buyback, Symbol Buyback.

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