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Company Overview: EDR (www.Usedbarcode.net) strictly adheres to specializing, supporting, refurbishing, wholesaling, and supplying Symbol Motorola bar code scanning / data collection products and solutions - New and Professionally Refurbished - for the past 20 Years. Working as experts in a single product line concentrates the caliber of "to-the-core" product quality and technical support - combined with wholesale inventory to pass you savings direct-from-stock! You can count on us to supply from stock, and deliver to you in a timely manner.  As a family company - Thank You for the opportunity to bring you the best in quality, consistency, care, and service. 


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Re-Boxed, Professional OE Refurbishment :


Equipment is fulfilled through genuine refurbishment processes, per Condition Description on your Quotation. New replacement parts / shells are genuine OEM, 6-FT concrete drop-rated, and consistent on all scanners (no third party compromise-able parts on repairs and refurbishment). All equipment is also loaded with latest platform firmware and windows wi-fi drivers.  With the comfort of a full and reversible return policy - there is minimal no risk with purchase. 

New-In-Box Equipment :


The industry's source and stock for "volume-procured" New-In-Box, discounted equipment.  Receive passed savings on robust variety of RF terminals, Enterprise Mobility Handhelds, Vehicle Terminals, Corded Scanners, Access Points, and more!  In Stock New. 

Rental :


EDR Usedbarcode.net rents tailored scanner systems to your application - in small, medium, and large quantity.  Fulfill industries' seasonal / cyclical business fluctuations. 

Helpdesk Support :


World-Class solution based support for your RF terminals and scanners.  The experience, understanding, and resources to keep your system optimized at its peak level of performance.

Parts :


If your company repairs units in-house, EDR carries the selection of parts for Symbol Motorola equipment.

Accessories :


Volume and variety - Docks, chargers, battery packs, cables, and holsters - to outfit and maintain your business system.

Trade-In :


The trade-in program helps you bring your systems up to date while making the most fair market value out of your old equipment.


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